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Clara Schumann & Chopin

Clara Schumann did everything in her power to place Chopin permanently in the piano repertoire. The extent of her influence on his legacy is difficult to calculate. She included his music on most of her thousands of concerts for 55 years. She played his waltzes, nocturnes, etudes, mazurkas, and more from Vienna to London, from…More

The Day Clara Schumann Met Johannes Brahms

This story is a good one. Classic. Historic. The details of the day Johannes Brahms walked into Clara Schumann’s parlor may be just lore—who knows. But wherever else I’ve read this tale, they don’t mention what was happening with Clara that day . . . October 1st, 1853, the day Johannes walked through the front…More

Clara Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor

Clara Schumann was younger than all the white dudes—yes, younger than Mozart—when she composed, published, and premiered her Piano Concerto in A minor—at age sixteen. Felix Mendelssohn conducted the premiere with the Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestra, November 9th, 1835. It was Clara’s only full orchestral work. But “only” does not signify that the concerto was amateur…More