I’m Sarah Fritz, professional musician and writer. A former opera singer turned freelance writer with an M.M. from the Eastman School of Music. I teach on the faculty of the Westminster Conservatory at Rider University, and I’m also very conveniently married to a concert pianist.

Though my historical fiction novel about Clara Schumann (currently seeking representation and publisher) is my passion project, I’m also a freelance music writer of articles, programs notes, musical descriptions, etc. My most recent article for the Donne Foundation was “Did Clara Schumann believe women shouldn’t compose?

Contact me for writing samples at sarahfritzwritr [at] gmail [dot] com. Or DM me on Twitter.

I specialize in all things Madame Schumann, her career, her relationships, and far reaching influence on music history. This includes the lives and works of her husband, Robert, and her close personal and professional friend, Johannes Brahms. Her musical partnerships with both are ripe for further examination with a modern lens. I’m also a passionate advocate for marginalized musicians and composers in the classical music industry.

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Feel free to contact me. There’s nothing I love more than answering questions or gabbing about the amazingly, fascinating Queen of the Piano. If you don’t know much about Clara yet, start with her Highlights Reel.